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Holistic Healing: Inflammation Reduced with Cryotherapy

Spraining your knee, straining your back, or suffering any similar injury is never fun. Whether this injury occurred while exercising or not, leaving it to slowly heal on its own might not always be the right thing to do. For instance, if you sprained your wrist and the pain is unbearable with inflammation increasing, you would probably want to alleviate the pain and reduce the swelling. A good way to do that is by doing a cryotherapy treatment. This therapy uses holistic healing to treat the pain and inflammation.

How Inflammation Occurs

Inflammation is the body’s way of dealing with injuries. In fact, it occurs when white blood cells toward the site of injury. Fluids always accompany white blood cells. It is those fluids that cause the irksome swelling and create pressure on the site of injury. And while those fluids are essential for healing, they can become bad when they take too long to go away or get worse.

How Cryotherapy Reduces Inflammation and Pain

Cryotherapy treatment is the cool new trend where people get inside an icy chamber for two to three minutes. This helps them reap tons of health and beauty benefits. The reason for that is the fact that cold temperatures have a numbing effect on soft tissues since they can slow down the spreading of nerve pain signals which essentially let our brain know that we have an injury. Thus, when nerve pain signals are halted, the body can’t feel as much pain.

At the same time, when you get an injury, there is an increased blood flow in the site of injury so that more white blood cells can defend that area. And when you have an increased blood flow, the extra fluids create that inflammation. However, using cold temperatures decreases blood flow, which decreases inflammation. Thus, using cryotherapy treatment is a great holistic healing method for decreasing pain and reducing inflammation caused by an injury.

Local Triathlete @DougsStory uses cryotherapy during his training regimen.

Just like putting on an ice pack but better, cryotherapy can help heal your body. Lots of athletes suffer from sports injuries and inflammation. When they use cryotherapy, the pain goes away. Inflammation is reduced so that they don’t feel the aching pressure anymore, and they heal faster and can go on with their sport.

Some athletes and even people who do intense workouts use cryotherapy treatment to help their bodies heal after a workout. Instead of feeling sore and waiting days for the pain to slowly go away, they rely on this holistic healing method to quickly help them get better in order for them to continue doing what they do best.

Cryotherapy treatment is the best cool, new way to reduce inflammation and alleviate pain naturally. It is a fantastic holistic healing method that helps the body get better quickly without negative side effects.

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