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Cryotherapy Testimonials

Whole body cryotherapy is the answer to many of the aches and pains people experience. Don’t take our word for it. Here are real cryotherapy testimonials from real live users and their stories.cryotherapy testimonials

Testimonials and Reviews

“I enjoy your Cryosauna treatment, as I was in a car accident and injured my lower back and neck. Other therapies do not help with my pain. Plus it takes an hour per visit, but with Cryosauna therapy it takes 3 minutes and takes my pain away. Most of the times it takes it all away. So if you’re in pain and tried medications and other therapies, try this! It helps me. Thanks to the friendly staff and the owner, Curt. I will see you next week.” – Gilbert F.

“Went in to pick up a swag bag after winning a raffle and one of the items was a free session. I asked if they had time right then and they were more than willing to let me jump in. I didn’t know too much about it and definitely didn’t know what was about to happen, but Karen was extremely professional and kept talking to me when I couldn’t even talk back anymore due to chattering teeth…lol. It was a great experience and will definitely try again. After recent TKR (total knee replacement) I left there will a little less pain and swelling, but mostly just felt energized. Would like to do this everyday I wake up…ha ha.” – Alison K.

Without Meds

“I came in to help my metatarsal fracture pain as I cannot take any pain meds neither synthetic nor natural, I had a pain level of 9, throbbing pain and cryo for 3 mins.  5 mins. later I feel a great sense of pain relief that is very much immediate. I member shipped today.” – Miguel A.

Customer Service

“The Orlando Team is AMAZING. They were so patient with all of my questions and what impressed me the most was their knowledge of what was going on in my body physiologically while in the cryo chamber. I highly recommend this business and look forward to my next visit!” – Chelsea M.


“My lower back pain has subsided significantly after regular weekly sessions.” – Fred K.

“I am an absolute Cryo Junkie. A true & honest believer in this science & almost consider it to be one of the worlds most greatest creations there is! I have tried locations all over Florida & tested units everywhere. It would be the greatest gift in the world to have a unit in my home. Honestly, with all my heart I would have to say that CRYO-Therapy is one of the greatest forms of therapy, recovery, cosmetic gain & I would go (2) two times a day if I was closer to someone honest.” – Suzanne S.

“Husband went in with a lot of pain from bursitis in his shoulder. It was amazing how much relief he got from just one localized treatment. He will definitely do it again.” – Lusanna R.

“I have MS. During a 3 week episode of feeling really crappy I got in the Cyrosauna at CHILL Cryosauna and within minutes I felt amazing! The staff is very nice and very knowledgeable/informative. I haven’t had an episode since. I feel normal again.” – Jessica W.

“I’m in. To Chill Cryosauna. Better breathing, less stress, eliminated all tension and slept the entire night through.” – Heissam J.

For the Athletes

“I am very involved with Crossfit 5 days a week. This leaves my muscles very sore as a result. I tried Chill Cryosuana to see if it would ease the pain and speed up recovery and it has exceeded my expectations. After the session my pain level and muscle soreness is eased. Their staff is fantastic and the spa is top of the line. Highly recommended.” – Tyler R.

“I’m so addictive to the place:-) I can finally train capoeira (martial arts) again! Thanks to the CHILL Cryosauna Sessions and the Staff members are amazingly friendly!!!” Cintia S.

“I have been training to run a 1/2 marathon and am an athlete in general.
I did my first chill and felt immediate relief of my soarness and muscle tension. Kimberly was amazing, made me feel very comfortable and talked me through the longest 3 min of my life 😉 I can’t wait to go back!!” – Stephanie R.

“Really helps with muscle recovery!” – Devin P.

Give us three minutes and we will show you how good you can feel.


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