Cryotherapy for Premenstrual Syndrome

cryotherapy for PMSPremenstrual Syndrome is a condition that affects about 80% of reproductive aged women. This happens to many a week or two before their period starts. What causes it and what can you do about it?

Inflammation and PMS

Symptoms may include mood swings, bloating, back pain, and breast tenderness. About half of women who suffer seek medical attention and often rely on anti-inflammatory medicine to control the symptoms. Researchers at the University of California Davis School of Medicine further investigated the relationship between inflammation and PMS. They found that women who suffered from PMS were more likely to have elevated levels of a C-reactive protein (CRP), a circulating inflammatory molecule. Journal of Women’s Health published an article siting women with elevated CRP were more likely to have changes in moods, cramping, back pain, food cravings, weight gain, bloating, and breast tenderness.

Inflammation peaks at menstruation and then naturally declines—this is why most women experience relief from PMS once their period starts.

Researchers now believe that PMS symptoms are the result of inflammation that increases during the interval between ovulation and menstruation. Specifically, mood changes and pain are most highly correlated with inflammation. Hormonal changes during this interval (declining progesterone and estrogen) may cause this spike in inflammation. The use of birth control pills can reduce these hormonal fluctuations and therefore reduce inflammatory increases–but these medications come with unwanted side effects.

Cryotherapy as a natural way to help

Several studies have found that whole body cryotherapy & localized cryotherapy are effective at naturally reducing CRP2. For women who prefer a natural solution to PMS symptoms, cryotherapy is an excellent option. It is safe, effective and very efficient.

At Chill Cryosauna, our treatment program uses well-timed whole body cryotherapy treatments to prevent PMS. In the event that PMS symptoms do happen, our treatment program will suppress their intensity and shorten their duration. Occasionally, PMS symptoms such as bloating, backache and headache are severe enough to require local cryotherapy too. In these cases, local cryotherapy is applied to the abdomen, head, neck and back to instantly relieve inflammation and associated pain and discomfort.

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