Chill Cryosauna for Athletic Recovery

Athletic Recovery for Athletes


Injuries are inevitable when you’re an athlete. Some injuries are minor while some may require surgery but you don’t have to be an athlete like Labron James to have muscle injury. Many health-conscious everyday people have personal fitness goals and take daily walks, enjoy jogging a few miles, or are in training for a marathon or triathlon. In other words, you don’t have to be a serious competitor to get a muscle injury and need athletic recovery. Continue reading “Chill Cryosauna for Athletic Recovery”

Going Cryotherapy for Better Health

Birthday suit, gloves, and slippers. Oh my!

Standing in a sub-zero cryotherapy chamber may not sound that appealing but it has its benefits. Give us 3 minutes to show you!

Cryotherapy is for anyone who wants to feel amazing. While it’s great to feel good, is there more to it? YES, The answer is a resounding YES – there are many benefits from using cryotherapy. Continue reading “Going Cryotherapy for Better Health”

5 Pain Management Methods You Should Try

Many people suffer from pain either from improper posture or age. Inflammation of the joints, also known as arthritis, is one pain some people have. Neck pain is another complaint people have due to slouching over laptops and phones. However, just because you deal with these aches every day does not mean that this is the norm. Continue reading “5 Pain Management Methods You Should Try”

Benefits of Joining Chill Cryosauna’s Cryotherapy Franchise

Are you looking to join a franchise where you can help people feel their best? You have come to the right place. Chill Cryosauna is looking to grow its cryotherapy franchise. “What is cryotherapy?” you ask. Cryotherapy is a cold therapy treatment known to help people with their health, fitness, and beauty. Continue reading “Benefits of Joining Chill Cryosauna’s Cryotherapy Franchise”

Is Cryotherapy an Effective Body Pain Treatment?

In this day of advanced technology, lots of people suffer from body aches. Improper posture plays a major role in that. When it comes down to the facts, technology has damaged the body. People hunch over their phones or desks, killing their necks. And since one body ache leads to another, lots of people end up with lower back pain too. These combined cause people to think they must suffer forever. Continue reading “Is Cryotherapy an Effective Body Pain Treatment?”

Why People Use Cryotherapy Pain Management

People suffering from a variety of different pains, such as arthritis, back pain, neck pain, and pain from an injury, all have a hard time managing that pain. While physical therapy, medications, and other methods of pain management help, they are sometimes not enough. Cryotherapy pain management is the leading method for people with chronic pain. In fact, lots of people use cryotherapy with other methods. For instance, physical therapy goes great with cryotherapy, since they both help decrease pain and speed up recovery in some situations. Continue reading “Why People Use Cryotherapy Pain Management”