What is Cryoskin 2.0 ?

Cryoskin, a non-invasive session, is used for slimming, cellulite reduction, and toning. The Cryoskin session lasts for 20-28 minutes and is done manually through a massage technique. The session begins with heat and then a decrease in temperature to -8° for the duration of the session.

Is it safe?

Cryoskin is very safe and non-invasive. Many guests visit us during their lunch break or immediately before or after a workout with no down-time after the treatment.

When will I see results?

The first results are generally visible from the first session and often very encouraging. However, it should be noted that the best results appear from 15 days to 3 weeks after the first session and extend for several months afterwards.

How long will results last?

Depending on the individual and on their lifestyle and diet, results can last several months to several years. It is recommended to have 2 or 3 sessions approx 6 months after the end of the initial set of sessions to maintain results.

Reviews from other Cryoskin customers

“Natural results like I’ve never seen before. I will be coming back – it’s easy, it’s painless, it’s worth the time and money.”

“After seeing immediate results, I feel more confident and will be back for more sessions! ”

“The Cryoskin toning is an immediate visual difference in cellulite and sagging that lasts for about 2 weeks, so I would recommend someone doing this prior to a beach weekend or a special event.”

“That little ‘problem area’ we all talk about is solved with Cryoskin.”


If you’re looking to remove cellulite or slow down the ageing process this is the session for you. This 20 minute cold therapy session will help improve your microcirculation and speed up your metabolism, which results in higher collagen production. Great for facials and cellulite.


This 28 minute session is the first of its kind in the US. CryoSlimming consists of a 3 phase thermal process that will help naturally slim the body. Whether you’re looking to lose inches on your stomach, thighs, arms or back this is the solution for you.

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Chill Cryosauna for Athletic Recovery

Athletic Recovery for Athletes

Injuries are inevitable when you’re an athlete. Some injuries are minor while some may require surgery but you don’t have to be an athlete like Labron James to have muscle injury. Many health-conscious everyday people have personal fitness goals and take daily walks, enjoy jogging a few miles, or are in training for a marathon or triathlon. In other words, you don’t have to be a serious competitor to get a muscle injury and need athletic recovery.

Cryotherapy has been used by famous athletes and stars for years to be a tried and true answer but many such injury sufferers don’t turn to cryotherapy for athletic recovery for three reasons. They aren’t convinced it works, they don’t do it enough, and they avoid it because it’s uncomfortable.


Consider the Facts – It Works!

Applying cold to an injury produces two important effects. It helps relieve pain, and it reduces swelling. Cold slows down nerve activity, which reduces the sensation of pain. It also does it without any of the side effects that prescription or OTC medications might cause.

Cryotherapy helps reduce swelling and allows your body to heal faster. Excess swelling can impede the healing process. Slower cellular metabolism means less cell death and therefore less tissue for the body to repair.

Try it more than once

Every athlete knows that he or she is supposed to apply cold right after an injury occurs. However, all too often this is the only time that athletes do it. Successful application of cryotherapy requires multiple sessions. While this might be inconvenient, it is necessary to get back to a normal routine as fast as possible.

Regular use of Cryotherapy promotes anti-inflammatory properties, which decreases recovery time by up to 50%, to improve ability to train, recover and perform. Adding cryotherapy to your regimen helps keep your body in peak physical shape and gives you an edge on your opponents.

It is not as uncomfortable as an ice bath

We all know that ice baths are used after workouts but can be some of athletes’ worst nightmares. Athletes usually endure an ice bath from 8-10 minutes, sometimes longer. Although the cold is intense in cryotherapy, the air is dry and doesn’t leave the skin wet. It is well-tolerated by those who are not tolerant of the cold. It’s a simple process and only takes three minutes.

A session at Chill Cryosauna immediately after exercise has been proven to enhanced muscular recovery by constraining the inflammatory process. This therapy allows for more intense, higher volume training; enabling you to maximize your full potential. The great thing about Cryotherapy is it’s for anyone who wants to perform at their highest level and feel amazing!


Why Crossfit Athletes Use Cryotherapy for Recovery

Why Crossfit Athletes Use Cryotherapy

Crossfit training is a high-intensity training program that can cause injury and pain. Crossfit athletes use cryotherapy to help with recovery and get back to training. Continue reading “Why Crossfit Athletes Use Cryotherapy for Recovery”

Cryotherapy for Athletic Recovery

Injuries are inevitable when you’re an athlete. Some injuries are minor while some may require surgery. Many athletes don’t turn to cryotherapy for athletic recovery for three reasons. They aren’t convinced it works, they don’t do it enough, and they avoid it because it’s uncomfortable. Continue reading “Cryotherapy for Athletic Recovery”

Why Athletes Choose Cryotherapy for their Sports Recovery

For pain management and sports recovery, cryotherapy has become the leading method. This treatment is easy and painless, which is why many people who suffer from chronic pain are obsessed with it. This treatment is extending beyond pain management. Lots of athletes are choosing this treatment as their main sports recovery technique. Not only does this treatment work effectively, but it also comes with lots of advantages. Continue reading “Why Athletes Choose Cryotherapy for their Sports Recovery”

You Can Improve Your Athletic Performance with Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy has been around for hundreds of years, if not longer. This cold therapy treatment has improved the lives of many in terms of health, beauty, and fitness. In fact, cryotherapy can improve your athletic performance. What makes this treatment stand out from others is the fact that it is 100% all natural. Continue reading “You Can Improve Your Athletic Performance with Cryotherapy”

Chill’s Athletic Recovery Helps Athletes Like Bailey Ferrer Succeed

We often forget that athletes need to recover after workouts and training just like anyone else. In fact, athletic recovery is an important part of athletic training. One way that athletes are choosing to recover is by doing cryotherapy treatment. This treatment is liked by many athletes because it is all-natural and safe. Here at Chill Cryosauna, we are proud to have several athletes come in for treatment. One amazing athlete we are beyond proud to have is the talented 16-year-old gymnast, Bailey Ferrer, who recently got to compete in the J.O. National team and is looking for a successful future at LSU.  Continue reading “Chill’s Athletic Recovery Helps Athletes Like Bailey Ferrer Succeed”

How Does a Cryotherapy Chamber Benefit Athletes?

Athletes of all kind must train endlessly to get to where they want to be. Even then, the training does not end. In fact, being a strong athlete requires pushing beyond the limit. So, it can only be expected to need help along the way. For athletes, this can be in the form of training and resting, plus some energy boost every now and then. Today, more and more athletes are turning to cryotherapy for that needed help between training and after sports games. A cryotherapy chamber is a wonderful all-natural way to gain benefits fast. Continue reading “How Does a Cryotherapy Chamber Benefit Athletes?”

The 3 Body Pain Treatment Methods for Baseball Injuries

There is nothing like watching or playing a baseball game. The crowd cheering, the baseball flying overhead, the smell of hotdogs in the air. It is a well-loved American game. As a player, you have your ups and downs. Repetitive stress on your elbow and rotator cuff can cause injuries, for instance. So, while the game is worthwhile, you might struggle every now and then to heal and recover in time for another game. Continue reading “The 3 Body Pain Treatment Methods for Baseball Injuries”