Cryotherapy for Premenstrual Syndrome

Premenstrual Syndrome is a condition that affects about 80% of reproductive aged women. This happens to many a week or two before their period starts. What causes it and what can you do about it? Continue reading “Cryotherapy for Premenstrual Syndrome”

A Better You with Cryotherapy: Health and Beauty

People struggle in their everyday lives to look and feel their best, but in a busy world centered around instant gratification, it is not easy being patient until results appear. For many, waiting to feel healthy and look good (youthful, young, energized, awake, etc.) is not an easy task. For instance, trying to exercise regularly to stay in shape or reach a body goal is difficult for people who feel drained and sore after workouts. This leads a big number of people to quit the gym altogether before results are attained. Not to mention the majority of people who stare at themselves in the mirror without recognizing their own face. With wrinkles and blemishes taking over at a fast rate, no amount of skin creams can fix these problems. So, how are people supposed to reach their health and beauty goals? The good news is you are not hopeless. With cryotherapy treatment, the cool new all-natural trend lots of people—including celebrities and athletes—are obsessed with, you can finally improve your health and beauty in just three minutes. Here is to a better you! Continue reading “A Better You with Cryotherapy: Health and Beauty”

A Better You with Cryotherapy: Managing Anxiety & Pain

Lots of people suffer from anxiety and stress, and it can be hard to deal with the emotions have come with them. Anxiety in particular can cause people to live in dread and feel like nothing is going the way it should. This feeling is not a nice one, and people who experience it oftentimes do not know how to get rid of it and get a hold of their lives. Similarly, people who are in physical pain can feel like the pain is holding them back from living their life and doing what they love. So how do people with anxiety, stress, and pain get better? Managing anxiety and pain does not have to be complicated. In fact, with cryotherapy, it can be really easy. Continue reading “A Better You with Cryotherapy: Managing Anxiety & Pain”