How to Increase Collagen Production with Cryotherapy

We all want healthy skin and hair and to look and feel our best. However, as we age, it can be difficult to prevent the skin from wrinkling and our hair follicles from shutting down and/or greying. Thousands of over-the-counter products such as anti-aging creams and collagen shampoos get sold every year with the promise that they will turn back time and make their user look like they had never left their twenties. Bet let’s be honest, those products rarely work, and when they do, it is only a minimal effect. Still, that does not mean that there is nothing you can do to keep your skin and hair healthy. In fact, you can increase collagen production with a simple cryotherapy treatment. Continue reading “How to Increase Collagen Production with Cryotherapy”

The Benefits of Cryotherapy for Cycling Recovery

Cycling is a fun activity and sport, especially if you do it with a group of friends. However, while training is very important to getting stronger and doing better in a race, it is not all a cyclist has to do to get in shape. In fact, resting and recovering after training sessions is just as necessary as the training itself. Just like with any form of exercise, cycling training causes micro tears in a cyclist’s muscles, which the body then repairs. This muscle repair leads to an inflammatory response, which is that sore feeling people get after an exercise. Without a recovery period, the muscles don’t get enough time to repair themselves. After some time without recovery, your muscles can become weaker rather than stronger. As a result, recovery is a crucial part of training. One effective and beneficial treatment in the cycling recovery process is cryotherapy. Continue reading “The Benefits of Cryotherapy for Cycling Recovery”

Why Cryotherapy Cellulite Removal is Great

Cellulite, a girl’s worst nightmare. Cellulite is fat that is close to the surface of the skin and which makes the skin slightly bumpy, and unfortunately, it is more likely to occur on females than males due to hormonal factors. In the past, people with cellulite have chosen surgeries in order to remove the unwanted fat. Some have even tried out over-the-counter creams, which tend not to make a big difference. Though, thanks to cryotherapy treatments, people can get rid of cellulite without surgery. This holistic therapy is great as a cryotherapy cellulite removal treatment while providing lots of other benefits. Continue reading “Why Cryotherapy Cellulite Removal is Great”

Why Use Cryotherapy for Arthritis Pain Relief

Arthritis is the inflammation of joints. This inflammation causes pain, and with age, it can worsen. Still, there are treatments to alleviate arthritis pain. Some people meditate to help deal with the pain, others get regular massages, and a few try acupuncture. However, while all these methods can help, there is one method that is quick and effective. Cryotherapy for arthritis pain relief is the best cool, new treatment that just happens to be 100% natural. Yes, this holistic treatment really does work, but what exactly is it? Continue reading “Why Use Cryotherapy for Arthritis Pain Relief”

Boost Your Immune System for Flu Season with Cryotherapy

Fall is nearing, and then we have winter. With the changes of seasons, it becomes crucial to protect ourselves from colds being passed around. A few ways to do that is to eat healthy, stay warm when it gets cold, and regularly wash hands. Still, even with all these precautions, we could still catch a cold or flu, which is often disappointing, exhausting, and frustrating. So what can we do to fully protect ourselves this fly season? For one, we should still take care of our health. We can do this by eating right, exercising, maintaining proper hygiene, and wearing layers in the cold. However, by also adding cryotherapy treatment to our routine, we would be boosting our immune system even more and ensuring that we have less chance of getting sick. Continue reading “Boost Your Immune System for Flu Season with Cryotherapy”

Cryotherapy Treatment is the Cool New Anti Aging Remedy

No one wants to age, which is why you will find tons of creams and remedies over-the-counter that claim to cure aging. But the truth is, we can’t stop aging. However, we can age beautifully. By keeping healthy, staying in shape, and maintaining our appearance, we can look a little bit younger even as we age. The best cool, new, effective, and all-natural treatment for anti aging is cryotherapy treatment. Not only are celebrities using it to maintain their young appearance, but people are doing it too since it is affordable and holistic. Continue reading “Cryotherapy Treatment is the Cool New Anti Aging Remedy”

Cryotherapy Beauty Benefits: Eliminating Acne

You may or may not have heard about cryotherapy, but the facts stand, doing a cryotherapy treatment gives one tons of benefits. Celebrities, athletes, everyday working people, people who suffer from injuries, and others are hopping on this cool, new trend which is much more than just a trend. Scientific research has proven that there are numerous of cryotherapy beauty benefits as well as fitness and health benefits. One beauty benefit of this treatment is getting rid of acne. Yes, this therapy can do that! So, you if are looking to get rid of your acne faster and in a safe, all-natural way, keep reading to learn more about Cryotherapy. Continue reading “Cryotherapy Beauty Benefits: Eliminating Acne”

Cryotherapy Health Benefits Everybody Can Enjoy

Everyone wants to be healthier, but not everyone is willing to change their lifestyles to do so. Eating an extra veggie or fruit a day is just not for everybody. Doing an entire hour of exercise is also good and all, but when people do not have the time, it can be hard. So, how can people gain health benefits if they are not able to regularly work on their health? This is where cryotherapy steps in. Cryotherapy health benefits are plentiful, and the treatment takes only a few minutes. Continue reading “Cryotherapy Health Benefits Everybody Can Enjoy”

Cryotherapy Benefits Chiropractors Orlando

For the Chiropractors Orlando who do not have cryotherapy in their practice (because of set up cost or space constrictions), Chill Cryosauna offers a relationship program so you can provide the same services to your clients. Your clients, you, your staff, and your practice can profit from the many benefits Chill Cryosauna has to offer without the overhead costs. If you are still unsure what cryotherapy is and what it can do for you, keep on reading! Continue reading “Cryotherapy Benefits Chiropractors Orlando”

Cryotherapy Flight Crews Discount in Orlando

Chill Cryosauna is owned and operated by Curt Read, a disabled military veteran who also happens to be a former pilot and air traffic controller. In the past, while doing his flight duties, Read had suffered from jet lag and fatigue, had poor nights’ rest and low energy, and felt tons of body aches. For that reason, he believes Chill Cryosauna is the answer for flight crews who are going through the same thing he once did before discovering cryotherapy, and he is giving aircrews discounts to come try out cryotherapy at Chill Cryosauna. Cryotherapy flight crews might just be the best solution to all their physical pains, exhaustion, and low energy. Continue reading “Cryotherapy Flight Crews Discount in Orlando”