Cryotherapy Benefits Chiropractors Orlando

For the Chiropractors Orlando who do not have cryotherapy in their practice (because of set up cost or space constrictions), Chill Cryosauna offers a relationship program so you can provide the same services to your clients. Your clients, you, your staff, and your practice can profit from the many benefits Chill Cryosauna has to offer without the overhead costs. If you are still unsure what cryotherapy is and what it can do for you, keep on reading! Continue reading “Cryotherapy Benefits Chiropractors Orlando”

Cryotherapy Flight Crews Discount in Orlando

Chill Cryosauna is owned and operated by Curt Read, a disabled military veteran who also happens to be a former pilot and air traffic controller. In the past, while doing his flight duties, Read had suffered from jet lag and fatigue, had poor nights’ rest and low energy, and felt tons of body aches. For that reason, he believes Chill Cryosauna is the answer for flight crews who are going through the same thing he once did before discovering cryotherapy, and he is giving aircrews discounts to come try out cryotherapy at Chill Cryosauna. Cryotherapy flight crews might just be the best solution to all their physical pains, exhaustion, and low energy. Continue reading “Cryotherapy Flight Crews Discount in Orlando”

Orlando Business Travelers Can Use Cryotherapy

Business travelers tend to sit a lot. They sit while they are on airplanes, while they are driving from place to place, and they sit while they are in meetings. So while they get to see the world, which is awesome, they also get back and neck pain from sitting so much, which is not so awesome. That is where cryotherapy comes in. If you are suffering from such pain from cramped and tense muscles from traveling for business so much, doing a cryotherapy treatment is the best and fastest way to eliminate that pain. One place you can do cryotherapy treatment is Chill Cryosauna, a cryotherapy Orlando center. So if you happen to be in Orlando on business, this is the perfect place to go. You are probably wondering at this point, what exactly is cryotherapy and how can it help me? Let’s find out! Continue reading “Orlando Business Travelers Can Use Cryotherapy”

Why Do Cryotherapy in Addition to Your Physical Therapy

If you are doing physical therapy and/or chirotherapy to help yourself get rid of back and neck pain, improve your posture, and align your spine properly, then cryotherapy treatment, also known as cryosauna, can be an extremely helpful addition to your current treatments. Pain is hard to get rid of, and it takes many physical therapy sessions to feel completely better. Which is why, doing cryosauna is the best way to alleviate pain while you do your many physical therapy sessions. But what exactly is cryosauna and how does it work? Continue reading “Why Do Cryotherapy in Addition to Your Physical Therapy”

Chill Cryosauna in Orlando: Why Should You Cryotherapy?

While tons of celebrities and athletes are head over heels this cool new cryotherapy trend, most people are not exactly sure what it is or how it works. In fact, some people might know about cryotherapy but not be fully aware of the benefits of treatment. The best Orlando cryotherapy center is Chill Cryosauna. People come from all over the world just to reap the benefits of this amazing treatment here at Chill. So, if you are curious about cryotherapy, read on! Continue reading “Chill Cryosauna in Orlando: Why Should You Cryotherapy?”

Why Jermaine Taylor Goes to Chill Cryosauna in Orlando

Lots of celebrities are chilling at Orlando’s coolest place, Chill Cryosauna. Among the many celebrities is professional basketball player Jermaine Taylor, who makes cryotherapy part of his weekly routine to improve his career and lifestyle. Taylor, like numerous other athletes, loves what Cryotherapy treatment does for him and his health and fitness, which is why he makes sure to go to Chill Cryosauna in Orlando three times a week. So what exactly is Cryotherapy and why is Taylor and other celebrities and athletes obsessed with it? Let’s find out! Continue reading “Why Jermaine Taylor Goes to Chill Cryosauna in Orlando”

Why Cryotherapy is Perfect for ASIS Seminar Attendees

At this year’s ASIS 62nd Annual Seminar at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, 20,000 security professionals from around the world will gather for “the intelligence, connections, and innovative technology designed to help you advance in your profession, mitigate risk, and meet today’s evolving challenges.” While at this wonderful expo, attendees like you will probably be exhausted after hours and possibly days of traveling. The best way to deal with jet lag and other causes for exhaustion is to do a cryotherapy. The best place to do this treatment in Orlando is at Chill Cryosauna. Chill is located within three miles from the Convention Center. This cool treatment boosts your energy in just a few minutes and excites you for more fun at the ASIS Seminar. Continue reading “Why Cryotherapy is Perfect for ASIS Seminar Attendees”

Cryotherapy Weight Loss: Let’s Chill 500 Calories

Are you trying to lose weight but feel like the process is taking too long? You are not alone. Lots of people find losing weight to be the most difficult thing they have ever had to do because it is not just about will power, it is about seeing the results. When people do not see the results quickly, how can they be patient enough to get there? Plus, while exercise clearly helps burn calories, it also leaves the body sore and in need of recovery. So how can people be expected to endure these long and tough weight loss procedures? With cryotherapy, of course! Cryotherapy weight loss is the best, cool new trend that will give you results in just a few minutes. Continue reading “Cryotherapy Weight Loss: Let’s Chill 500 Calories”

A Better You with Cryotherapy: Managing Anxiety & Pain

Lots of people suffer from anxiety and stress, and it can be hard to deal with the emotions have come with them. Anxiety in particular can cause people to live in dread and feel like nothing is going the way it should. This feeling is not a nice one, and people who experience it oftentimes do not know how to get rid of it and get a hold of their lives. Similarly, people who are in physical pain can feel like the pain is holding them back from living their life and doing what they love. So how do people with anxiety, stress, and pain get better? Managing anxiety and pain does not have to be complicated. In fact, with cryotherapy, it can be really easy. Continue reading “A Better You with Cryotherapy: Managing Anxiety & Pain”

How Orlando Martial Arts Athletes Recover Their Muscles

Mixed martial arts athletes constantly have to train to be in shape, especially if they plan on fighting in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). They have to be their best in combat sports and martial arts if they want to reach their goals. However, after strenuous, long workouts, MMA athletes can get exhausted and feel sore. This feeling can last anywhere from a few hours up to a few days sometimes, which means that these athletes have to rest and recover their muscles before they can get back to training again. That is why lots of Orlando martial arts athletes have been using cryotherapy treatment to recover their muscles. Continue reading “How Orlando Martial Arts Athletes Recover Their Muscles”