Training for the Clermont Triathlon, Recovering with Cryotherapy

It’s not too early to start your training ritual for the Clermont Triathlon. Whether you are out to win or out to finish, training can be difficult. It’s hard enough to train only for a bike race or only for a marathon or only for a swim race but all three back-to-back sounds Impossible or intimidating, doesn’t it? Those who have crossed the finish line have said it is fulfilling and pushed their abilities in no other way than this competition can.

Here are some tips from the experts to help calm your fears and keep you training.

The Gear

There is lots of gear involved in this sport – helmet, running shoes, etc. but the tri suit is the most basic. It’s not about fashion but about function. The triathlon suit streamlines changing your clothing when it’s wet.

clermont cryotherapyThe Training

The great thing about triathlon training is since there are three parts, you can be flexible. If it’s too hot for a run, go for a swim instead. Cross Training is another option for total body strengthening. It’s easy to go to the part of the training that you like best. It’s important to train hard, not necessarily in your strongest area but also in your weakest area.

In triathlete lingo, a “brick” means doing two of the disciplines back to back – the most important changeover is to bike then to run. Sharon McCobb, a professional triathlete, says the muscle changeover between the two can be hard so you have to practice it. Her advice is to bike the distance and then run one mile after.

Another hurdle is the swim portion. It is quite intimidating to be in the water with over 100 people. Take a few freestyle strokes then breaststroke to catch your breath if you feel panicked.

Stay Hydrated

Nothing will make you hit the wall than not drinking enough water to replace what you are sweating out. Experts agree that drinking something with added electrolytes can keep you going, even a dose of caffeine for an extra energy boost.



Muscle Recovery

At Chill Cryosauna, we recommend stepping into the Cryosauna at least once a week during training.  Whole body cryotherapy treatments recover muscles so you can continue training at the ultimate performance level.

Your Biggest Challenge

Don’t overthink training plans and gear. There is always someone who has better gear or a more disciplined schedule. Do what works best for you. Your biggest challenge is to condition yourself mentally to swim, bike, and run this race. Picture yourself crossing the finish line and the crowd cheering.

The 35th Annual Great Clermont Triathlon at the World Triathlon Destination, Clermont, FL. features a 1.5K Swim, 40K Bike and a 10K Run with individual, relay team, and aqua bike competition.


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