Cryotherapy is the Pain Reduction Alternative to Opioids

The United States is in the midst of a prescription opioid epidemic. Not only is addiction on the rise but so is death due to overdose.

So what are opioids? They are drugs that relieve pain by acting on the nervous system. Continued use can lead to physical dependence or addiction. Most patients who are treated with opioids do not become addicted as long as they follow the recommendations of their healthcare providers regarding proper dosage and use of these medications. Since opioids stimulate the parts of the brain that are connected to reward, some users experience a “high” feeling when they take even legitimately prescribed doses of these medications. It is this feeling of euphoria that causes addiction as users attempt to produce the pleasant feeling as often as possible. This type of addiction leads to abuse of opioid medications, including not only overdose but also improper administration, such as grinding painkiller tablets and snorting them rather than swallowing them whole as they are prescribed for medical use.

Is There an All-natural Solution? What About Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy, being a 100% natural pain reduction remedy, is an alternative to opioids. It is a great way to get a natural rush and relieve pain without relying on medication.

This treatment is chemical-free and all natural. Cryotherapy treatment uses only cold nitrogen gas. When you stand in the cryotherapy chamber, this gas surrounds your body for three minutes. After that, you can exit the chamber with less pain or no pain at all. The cold slows down nerve pain signals, which is responsible for this pain relief. Cryotherapy makes it possible for you to be pain-free and live life naturally.

How Does Cryotherapy Reduce Pain?

First the nerve signal transmission is slowed reducing the amount of nerve signals getting through to the brain.

Second, norepinephrine levels increase after cold immersion. This reduces pain sensitivity as a protective mechanism in times of life-or-death situations.

Lastly, cryotherapy can reduce pain intensity and frequency by reducing inflammation.


What Benefits Can You Expect from Cryotherapy?

There are many cryotherapy benefits that go beyond pain reduction. The effects of cryotherapy provide a natural, non-invasive therapeutic program. It aids in performance, recovery, and health and wellness by promoting and stimulating the body’s natural healing process.

You do not need to consume pain-relieving prescriptions to feel good. Don’t be addicted – be obsessed with cryotherapy. It’s a far better alternative, isn’t it?

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