Cryosauna Post Surgery Recovery Benefits

Post Surgery Recovery

We have all heard the benefits athletes are deriving from cryotherapy following workouts, training and injuries but did you know that cryotherapy is good for post surgery recovery? There is a lot of stress to your physical and mental when undergoing surgery whether it is major or minor. Surgery is an assault to tissues and induces a body response to trauma. Following any surgical procedure is a period of pain, swelling and bruising. The body enters defense mode to heal the wound. While surgery is a life-saving event in many cases, it is not a natural process. Cryotherapy, however, is a non-invasive and natural process to speed up healing without trauma. It is a natural way to speed up healing in the body and have patients return to normal as quickly as possible.

If you want to get back to your full fitness in a safe way, cryosauna post surgery can help. Talk to your doctor about the benefits of cryotherapy as part of your rapid recovery post surgery.

cryotherapy for weightloss

Cryotherapy Benefits

Considered to be like a super ice pack, it works on your whole body on a deeper level without the burning sensation of ice. A treatment last three minutes. The benefits:

  • Reduced pain from inflammation
    • Reduced muscle and joint tenderness
    • Boosts Immune system
    • Increased healing to muscles and tendons
    • Reduced severity of bruising
    • Increased flexibility and muscle endurance
    • Renewed skin and blood cells
    • Reduced swelling from injury

Cryotherapy also reduces the need for narcotics for pain management.

Cosmetic Surgery and Cryotherapy

Working hand in hand after cosmetic surgery, cryotherapy will help with pain management especially with breast augmentation, breast reduction, and tummy tucks, to name a few surgical procedures. Localized cryotherapy is best used for the facial cosmetic procedures.

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