Chill’s Athletic Recovery Helps Athletes Like Bailey Ferrer Succeed

We often forget that athletes need to recover after workouts and training just like anyone else. In fact, athletic recovery is an important part of athletic training. One way that athletes are choosing to recover is by doing cryotherapy treatment. This treatment is liked by many athletes because it is all-natural and safe. Here at Chill Cryosauna, we are proud to have several athletes come in for treatment. One amazing athlete we are beyond proud to have is the talented 16-year-old gymnast, Bailey Ferrer, who recently got to compete in the J.O. National team and is looking for a successful future at LSU. 

How Does Cryotherapy Help with Athletic Recovery?

Cryotherapy treatment helps athletes recover because it works similarly to sitting in a tub of ice, minus the discomfort. Cryotherapy is a cold therapy treatment where people stand in the cryosauna chamber for three minutes. Unlike a tub of ice, this treatment takes little time to do. Plus, it is more effective. Its results are immediate, too, and it provides these benefits:

·    Reduces chronic pain

·      Decreases exhaustion, inflammation, and soreness

·      Boosts the immune system

·      Improves performance while speeding up recovery

·      Strengthens the body against colds and flu

Upon walking out of the chamber, cryotherapy results can be observed.

Why is Athletic Recovery Preferred Over Other Methods of Recovery?

Brilliant athletes like Bailey find cryotherapy better than other methods of recovery. For one, this treatment is all-natural. It is also safe and painless. Since it takes just three minutes to do, it does not waste time or cause discomfort. Not to forget that athletes can do it, recover fast, and get back to training. Cryotherapy treatment allows athletes to pretty much be their best athletic selves: fit and full of energy. 

Athletic recovery is taken to a whole new level with cryotherapy treatment, and that is what makes it athletes’ favorite method of recovery.

Providing the highest quality cryotherapy recovery process possible for all local athletes is one of Chill Cryosauna’s main goals. We are looking forward to Bailey’s amazing success and future at LSU. At the same time, we hope to help other talented athletes with their athletic recovery and success, which is what we do best.