Why Attend the Zumba Convention Followed by Cryotherapy

The Orlando Zumba Convention is happening in just a few weeks (July 28-31). Zumba instructors will be attending from all over the country for a fun and fierce weekend of Zumba dancing and workouts. The convention is a great way to not only meet and bond with Zumba experts, but it is also a way learn new skills from 90 different Zumba presenters. If you are planning on attending the Zumba Convention, you should keep in mind that with all the excitement of this awesome Brazilian dance and fitness workout, you will probably need a physical boost at the end of the day to recharge for the following day of Zumba dancing. And what better way to do that than by going for a rejuvenating cryotherapy treatment? Continue reading “Why Attend the Zumba Convention Followed by Cryotherapy”