Cryotherapy for Athletic Recovery

Injuries are inevitable when you’re an athlete. Some injuries are minor while some may require surgery. Many athletes don’t turn to cryotherapy for athletic recovery for three reasons. They aren’t convinced it works, they don’t do it enough, and they avoid it because it’s uncomfortable. Continue reading “Cryotherapy for Athletic Recovery”

Cold Therapy as an Approach to Recovery

Cold Therapy

– or “cryotherapy” – is the practice of applying something cold to the source of pain. While cold therapy is not a new invention, it did not become appreciated until the late 1980’s. For years, cold therapy has been used to reduce pain, swelling and nerve activity using ice, cold packs, and ice baths. In fact, it was originally developed for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Benefits have been refined with great results. Continue reading “Cold Therapy as an Approach to Recovery”

Why Athletes Choose Cryotherapy for their Sports Recovery

For pain management and sports recovery, cryotherapy has become the leading method. This treatment is easy and painless, which is why many people who suffer from chronic pain are obsessed with it. This treatment is extending beyond pain management. Lots of athletes are choosing this treatment as their main sports recovery technique. Not only does this treatment work effectively, but it also comes with lots of advantages. Continue reading “Why Athletes Choose Cryotherapy for their Sports Recovery”

What to Eat to Help with Muscle Recovery

Foods That Help with Muscle Recovery: No pain, No gain! Working out has great results but also can cause muscle pain. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that finding a good recovery plan is too complicated. Who has the time?

The most effective way to speed up recover and reduce soreness is with food. You can target multiple systems in the body just to change what you eat or drink. For example, drinking caffeinated coffee can reduce muscle soreness so you can recuperate strength faster after your workout. Continue reading “What to Eat to Help with Muscle Recovery”

Run Disney Marathon Training Recovery with Cryotherapy

It’s that time of year again when runners are preparing for Run Disney Marathon in January. Completing 26.2 miles is an awesome accomplishment that requires commitment and dedication. The rewards are many but the key to a successful marathon is keeping to the training schedule and with that can come aching muscles and exhaustion. The best recovery treatment is cryotherapy, which helps you instantly. Continue reading “Run Disney Marathon Training Recovery with Cryotherapy”

The Best Muscle Recovery For High Intensity Workouts

High intensity workouts continue to be the hottest and fastest growing passion among athletes and those in fitness training. Many have been obsessed, which has led to over-training and injuries. Continue reading “The Best Muscle Recovery For High Intensity Workouts”

You Can Improve Your Athletic Performance with Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy has been around for hundreds of years, if not longer. This cold therapy treatment has improved the lives of many in terms of health, beauty, and fitness. In fact, cryotherapy can improve your athletic performance. What makes this treatment stand out from others is the fact that it is 100% all natural. Continue reading “You Can Improve Your Athletic Performance with Cryotherapy”

Doug Guthrie Uses Chill Cryosauna to Train for Triathlons

Doug Guthrie is a triathlete who started his athletic career to better help himself. At first, he just swam. Then he started joining marathons with his friends from the YMCA. The more he put himself out there, the more he fell for the sport. Continue reading “Doug Guthrie Uses Chill Cryosauna to Train for Triathlons”

Chill’s Athletic Recovery Helps Athletes Like Bailey Ferrer Succeed

We often forget that athletes need to recover after workouts and training just like anyone else. In fact, athletic recovery is an important part of athletic training. One way that athletes are choosing to recover is by doing cryotherapy treatment. This treatment is liked by many athletes because it is all-natural and safe. Here at Chill Cryosauna, we are proud to have several athletes come in for treatment. One amazing athlete we are beyond proud to have is the talented 16-year-old gymnast, Bailey Ferrer, who recently got to compete in the J.O. National team and is looking for a successful future at LSU.  Continue reading “Chill’s Athletic Recovery Helps Athletes Like Bailey Ferrer Succeed”

Clermont Cryotherapy Benefits for Triathlon Participants

As a triathlon athlete, you are probably looking forward to the next Clermont triathlon event in Florida. So, you are most likely preparing by training and building your strength. While this is good—great even—it can exhaust you on its own. Recovery is a must to create balance. One way to recover faster is to do Clermont cryotherapy. Not far from Clermont is Chill Cryosauna, the leading cryotherapy center where many athletes around the world come to recover. This treatment is all-natural, quick, and painless. You will recover your strength and get rid of sore muscles within three minutes. That will allow you to get back to training sooner.

Continue reading “Clermont Cryotherapy Benefits for Triathlon Participants”