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About Cryotherapy

No Down Time

Unlike other beauty & anti-aging treatments, there is no down time with Cryotherapy – no need for bandages or pain killers.

A Better, Healthier You

Cryotherapy forces you to chill out. It exposes you to subzero temperatures in an effort to relieve pain and improve health. When you return to normal temperatures, your blood vessels expand which promotes healing. You also feel a relief in pain because of the released endorphins in your body. As your blood circulation, oxygenation and nutrient levels improve; an intensive stimulation of the immune system will quickly follow, resulting in a preemptive corrective response. This, in turn, will promote the normalization of hormonal balance, making this one of the most important benefits of cryotherapy for sports and general wellness.

Chill CryoSauna

All Natural

The effects of Cryotherapy provides a natural, safe, non-invasive therapeutic program to aid in performance, recovery, and health & wellness by promoting and stimulating the body’s natural healing process. Whole Body Cryotherapy enriches the blood with elevated levels of oxygen and helps deliver vital nutrients all around the body. Cryosauna treatments will oxygenate your tissues, and help your blood to circulate at top speeds.

It’s for everyone

The great thing about Cryotherapy is it’s for anyone that wants to perform at their highest level and feel amazing!

Healing power

Don’t worry about post-workout fatigue or soreness and take advantage of the accelerated healing power of Cryotherapy - to get back to your full potential faster than ever before!

With your immune system boosted, blood circulation flowing, concentration at its peak and a good night’s sleep you’ll notice results of reduced recurrence of colds, flu, and seasonal allergic reactions along with noticeable improvements in psychological stress, muscle and joint pain, and even skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Athletic Recovery


Cryotherapy speeds recovery and reduces post-workout soreness.

A session of Cryotherapy immediately after exercise has been proven to enhance muscular recovery by reducing the inflammation process.

Regular use of Cryotherapy promotes anti-inflammatory properties, which decreases recovery time by up to 50%, to improve ability to train, recover and perform.



Your ultimate weight-loss partner & wellness guru.

A healthy diet and a steady workout plan are the most important factors in achieving successful weight-loss, but an increase in metabolism is required for permanent results. With repeated treatments you will overcome weight-loss plateaus and stimulate your metabolism, which increases your caloric burn. When the outer layer of your skin is stimulated with extreme cold temperatures, your body responds by speeding up to literally “warm you up.”



The analgesic (pain-relieving) effects of cryotherapy are related to three specific changes in the body.

First, the nerve signal transmission is slowed. Reducing the amount of nerve signals getting through to the brain might relieve pain in some individuals.

Second, nor-epinephrine levels increase after cold immersion. This stress induced chemical reduces pain sensitivity as a protective mechanism in times of life-or-death situations.

Lastly, cryotherapy can reduce pain intensity and frequency by reducing inflammation.



Leave revitalized & watch your body transform.

Thanks to innovations in Cryotherapy, youthful results can now be achieved with non-invasive procedures. The effects that cryotherapy can produce on the outside of your body can be just as remarkable as those on the inside. The improvement oxygen and nutrient-rich blood flow around the body along with the removal of toxins near the surface of the skin can have dramatic effects on your body’s exterior. Increased collagen production in the body results in improved skin, hair and nail health. Over time, the benefits will penetrate even deeper for longer-lasting effects.


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Dress Code

The dress code during treatment is minimal, as maximum skin exposure to the cold air is desired.

Cryosauna Dress Code

  • Robe (removed during treatment)
  • Socks - provided
  • Slippers - provided
  • Gloves - provided
  • Underwear (bottoms required for men)
  • Sports bra (women, optional)


3 minutes to optimal health, fitness + beauty




Information provided here is not to be considered medical advice. Whole Body Cryotherapy is not a medical device. The material contained within this website is for informational purposes only. The cold therapy products and equipment have not been tested or approved by the FDA or any other US government agencies for the treatment of any illness or disease. Use at your own risk.


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